Terms & conditions

Shipping and delivery:

The purchase of a product is delivered to your Steam account. The product is moved usually immediately or within a minute when full payment is received. At some buy, however, can take some hours before confirmation and delivery takes place, mainly late at night.


Payment is made via PayPal when the transaction should be carried out. If you have any questions regarding payment, please contact us via Steam or via support.


All prices on the website are listed including vat.


No guarantee can be given that the product is visible on our website and are in stock when a deal may be in progress and the product is taken away after it. Always check on Steam that it really is available.


If you feel that something is not functioning as it should, so always take contact with our support team within a reasonable time so we can help you solve the problem.

Right of withdrawal:

No right of withdrawal applies because it is a digital product that we sell.

The distance and doorstep sales act: We apply the rules of distance selling law.


If we do not agree with you as a customer, we commit ourselves to follow the ruling from the general reklamationsnämden.

Age limit:

Orders from persons under the age of 18 years must have consent from the parent.

False orders:

Any false orders and/or fraud will be immediately reported to the police. All data will be handed over in order to facilitate an investigation.

Force majeure:

The shop is freed from the penalty for failure to perform certain obligations in this agreement if the failure is due to liberating circumstances as described below and the fact impedes, prevents or delays the performance. Liberating the responsibility shall be deemed to be bl.a government action or omission, new or amended legislation, embargo, fire, strike or flood.

Credit report:

No credit reports need to be taken because all transactions are direct payments.


All trademarks, trade names, and logos mentioned on this website are registered trademarks which are the property of their respective owners.


We reserve the right for possible printing errors, and computer errors that are beyond our control.

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